Esports Betting Titles

How To Bet On Esports

Betting on sports is a very old tradition. There seems to be no fun in games when the spectators cannot bet. Esport is not excluded from the league of sports where its spectators can win real money by placing a bet. Though it started very small, several online casinos have capitalized on interesting esports titles to give their bettors the best of fun. French casinos are among to first to notice that there is a big market for betting on games. Today they offer real money betting on almost all popular titles and Esport tournaments and even try hard to promote it by giving big bonuses. If you are interested in betting you should definitely check them.

How do you then place your money on good esports titles? There are different types of bets you can place. The Moneyline bet, also known as Head to Head or Straight, is the most popular one. You just bet on which side, team or individual will win a particular match. There are also props bets and futures.

Just make sure that the online casino you place your bet at is a legal one and they offer great casino bonuses. You are on your way to winning real money from esports titles.


Most Popular Betting Titles

There are several esports titles that you can place a bet on. But if you want the most popular esports titles, you can place your bets on these games.

  • League of Legends

This game is the most popular with millions of people placing bets. The game has had a world championship since 2011 that thousands of people flock to. At the event, League of Legends players gets to win fantastic prizes up to millions if they get to the top three. It is, therefore, no wonder that people love this game.

  • Dota 2

This esports titles game has a special tournament for its best players called The International. The game is indeed taken seriously as there is also a Dota 2 Pro Circuit that provides extensive coverage and analysis as you would see in traditional sporting events. You would find their leagues and tournaments on many websites.

  • StarCraft

This esports titles are most popular in South Korea. The game is so popular, it has its ranking system and television channels. There is also a World Championship Series that is highly followed all over Asia. You can find offers for this esport at the best casinos.

  • Counter Strike

This game was first introduced in 2000. The fourth game introduced, Global Offensive, has been the most popular of all the games. Many Global Offensive tournaments are organized throughout the year either by third parties or the game developer, Valve. The tournaments are usually covered by major sports channels pre-game, live, and post-game.

  • Call Of Duty

This first-person shooter game is one of the very popular esports titles. Games in Call of Duty franchise like Modern Warfare 3, Ghosts, and Black Ops II usually feature in leagues like Major League Gaming. Call of Duty also has a single-player mode. However, the games have smaller rewards and it is comparatively less popular than the other games listed above.


What Online Sports Casinos Offer Esport Betting?

Not all online sports casinos offer esport betting as it is a relatively new sport. However, this does not mean you cannot find great online sports casinos where you can bet on esports with awesome casino bonus for you to play.

The most popular sites for their esport competition are Betway, SkyBet, and eSportBet.

  • Betway: You get to enjoy their user-friendly app, learn more from their blog, and bet on a wide variety of games.
  • SkyBet: They have great bonus of various categories based on whether you are a new or existing member.
  • eSportBet: They focus majorly on esport so you can be sure you would have a swell time at this casino.
  • William Hill: They offer great bonuses to their new customers depending on if you qualify for it based on your region.
  • Pinnacle: With this casino you get cashback promos and awesome bonuses accessible to both new and old players.