The Best Esport Teams to Bet On

Top Professional Esport Teams with Biggest Earnings

The esport industry is valued to be worth more than half-a-billion dollars. Several professional players make a living by competing in top esports teams. The biggest and most popular tournaments offer a huge winner’s prize all around the world. Therefore, being a pro in any of the top esports teams is highly lucrative. Let’s take a look at some of the best esport teams, the kind of money they make, and what games they play in.

  1. Team Liquid
  • Based in: Netherlands
  • Prized Winnings: Over $24million
  • Games played best: Dota, Counter-Strike, StarCraft, Call Of Duty, Halo, and Overwatch
  • Tournament Won: The international 2017 (TI17)
  1. Evil Geniuses
  • Based in: San Francisco
  • Prized Winnings: Over $20million
  • Games played best: Dota 2X, Leagues of Legends, StarCraft/StarCraft 2, Call Of Duty, Halo, and World of Warcraft.
  • Tournament Won: Dota Asia Championship
  1. Team OG
  • Based in: Europe
  • Prized Winnings: Over $17million
  • Games played best: Dota 2, Super Smash Bros
  • Tournament Won: Frankfurt Major 2015, Manila 2016

Other top esports teams include:

  • Newbee: worth over $12 million
  • Fnatic: worth over $11million
  • worth over $11million
  • Wings Gaming: worth over $9million
  • Vici Gaming: worth over $9million
  • LCD Gaming: worth over $8million
  • SK Telecom T1: worth over $17million

How and Where to Bet on these Teams for Real Money?

Because the Esports industry is fast-growing, Online Casino has found a way to buy into the idea by offering betting enthusiasts the opportunity to bet on their favorite and top esports teams. Fans either bet with real money or take advantage of casino bonus available. Before we start, make the most of your online gambling with the best casino betting tips for first-timers.

To bet, you have to register with the online casino. You are most likely going to be offered a casino bonus as a welcome package. Depending on the policy of the casino you can use the bonus to play games for real money. The following are casinos that offer Esports bet:

  1. Pinnacle: guarantees you the best-valued odds and options for every single major esport tournaments
  2. betWay sports: offers 30 pounds on deposit of 10 pounds
  3. Bumbet Sportsbook: offers you a 100% welcome bonus match upon first deposit.
  4. Bet365: is the world’s biggest gambling company. Rarely offers promotion but you can be sure to get the best odds and guarantee on withdrawal of your winning.

Others include Betsson, Arcanebet, William Hills, etc.

What ElseYou ShouldLookWhenBetting on Esport Online

When betting on esport online, some criteria should be of concern to you. Some of which include:

    • Safety: note that not all casinos online are genuine. You need to do your assignment properly on any online site that you choose to use.
    • Value of games: games have popularity differences. You need to value the games you bet on properly. Find the casino that offers the best odds on such a game.
    • Casino bonuses: this is important especially as a beginner. Bonuses let you bet on games without having to risk your cash. You can also use bonuses to test the viability of a game before embarking on such a game.
    • Security: it is important to keep your private data and money safe. Check for an SSL certificate and whether you can use make safe transactions. You can read the full Mr Green review to find out what makes a secure e-sports betting site.
    • Customer support: you can’t trust a website that doesn’t offer a line of communication in case you have a complaint or are stuck trying to figure something out. Look for esports bookies that have available email, live chat, and possibly even mobile support.
    • Payment methods: being able to transfer funds in and out of your account easily is going to be crucial for your betting experience. Choosing a site that offers a variety of cards, prepaid vouchers, and e-wallets is the right way to go. Fee-free transactions should be your priority.
    • Transparency: online bookies that are transparent with their rules and regulations are above their competition. Check the T&Cs and make sure they offer fair betting terms.
    • Odds: this is possibly the most important part of choosing an online betting site. You’ll want to cross-compare the odds in multiple bookies and see where you can get a competitive advantage. Boosted odds are your best chance.

These factors and many other factors need to be considered to be a successful esport bet enthusiast.